#3 How keeping a journal helps you receive more Spiritual Revelation!



Receiving personal revelation is essential to our obtaining the gift of eternal life. We also know personal revelation is not a passive process. Often people wish they were receiving more personal revelation. They wish they had a closer association with the Spirit. This simple tip can, through Christ, help you receive more personal revelation with the gift of observation.  If you try this for 30 days you will see a great increase in receiving personal revelation.

REMEMBER “by SMALL AND SIMPLE things are GREAT things brought to pass!!!


“do not let us be slothful because of the EASINESS of the way.”

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President Boyd K. Packer often counseled “If all you know is what you see with your natural eyes and hear with your natural ears, then you will not know very much.”

Elder Bednar Quotes

“Your future success and happiness will, in large measure, be determined by the spiritual capacity to be quick to observe.”

“Let us … consider the significance of this important spiritual gift”

“The second use of the word observe suggests to look or to see or to notice—as we learn in Isaiah 42:20: Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not (emphasis added).”

“Before attending her sacrament meetings, Sister Bednar frequently prays for the spiritual eyes to see those who have a particular need. Often as she looks and observes the brothers and sisters and children in the congregation, she will receive a spiritual nudge to visit with or make a phone call to a particular person. And when Sister Bednar receives such an impression, she is quick to observe and to respond and to obey. It often is the case that as soon as the “amen” is spoken in the benediction, she will talk with a teenager or hug a sister or, upon returning home, immediately pick up the phone and make a call. As long as I have known Sister Bednar, people have marveled at her capacity to discern and respond to their needs. So often they will ask her, “Sister Bednar, how did you know?” The spiritual gift whereby she has been enabled to see and to act promptly has been a great blessing in the lives of many people.”

“Quick to observe. Prompt to watch and to obey. Such a simple gift that can bless us individually and in our families and extend blessings to so many other people. Each of us can and should strive to be worthy of this significant spiritual gift. I pray that …you, indeed, are and will continue to be “quick to observe.”

President Kimball

“What could you do better for your children and your children’s children than to record the story of your life, your triumphs over adversity, your recovery after a fall, your progress when all seemed black, your rejoicing when you had finally achieved? “

“Accordingly, we urge our young people to begin today to write and keep records of all the important things in their own lives and also the lives of their antecedents in the event that their parents should fail to record all the important incidents in their own lives. Your own private journal should record the way you face up to challenges that beset you. Do not suppose life changes so much that your experiences will not be interesting to your posterity.”

“We hope you will begin as of this date. If you have not already commenced this important duty in your lives, get a good notebook, a good book that will last through time and into eternity for the angels to look upon. Begin today and write in it your goings and your comings, your deeper thoughts, your achievements, and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. We hope you will do this, our brothers and sisters, for this is what the Lord has commanded, and those who keep a personal journal are more likely to keep the Lord in remembrance in their daily lives.”

Develop a spirit of reverence. To receive revelation, we must develop a spirit of reverence. Elder Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles counseled, “Inspiration comes more easily in peaceful settings.”2 He added, “Irreverence suits the purposes of the adversary by obstructing the delicate channels of revelation in both mind and spirit,” and “Reverence invites revelation.”

Ask in faith. Prayers of faith are heard and answered. The Savior gave a powerful promise concerning the power of faith in our prayers: “And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you” (3 Ne. 18:20).

In the economy of heaven the Lord never uses a floodlight when a flashlight is sufficient—and so it is in receiving personal revelation. This principle is true even with revelation that comes to prophets.

By Shawn

“Personal revelations are received in both the mind and in the heart. These impressions come to the mind as thoughts and to the heart as feelings. Elder Packer explained, “This guidance comes as thoughts, as feelings, through impressions and promptings.”14 At times the Spirit will impress both the mind and the heart at the same time. Usually when your head and your heart are receiving the same impression, you know that you are receiving a personal revelation. The Savior instructed Hyrum Smith, “I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy” (D&C 11:13).Elder Richard G. Scott visited BYU-Idaho. In a meeting with the faculty, he counseled us that making a record of promptings of the Spirit or personal revelation is important–it shows our Father in Heaven that we value this gift to us.”

“All of these are important, but today I’d like to focus on one other way in which Latter-day Saints are encouraged to act like historians–and that is keeping a record of our own past, particularly our spiritual experiences. I did not hear a collective groan just now, but I suspect that many of you probably just became less interested in my subject. But let me try to persuade you of this fact: that the Lord wants us to act as historians of our own lives–in the recording and analyzing. I would also hope to convince you to see the blessings that can come to you if you will do this. I see four arguments for this:

1. Keeping a record of our spiritual experiences can inspire others.
2. Keeping a regular record helps us see God’s hand in our lives, and it shows our Heavenly Father that we appreciate His guidance.
3. Keeping a record of our spiritual experiences helps us remember them.
4. Keeping a record helps us be self-evaluative.

  • Books

Increase in Learning by Elder Bednar  (one of my favs)

Light in the Wilderness by M. Catherine Thomas (I LOVE HER – really ALL of her books!!)

Hearing the Voice of the Lord by Gerald N. Lund

In Tune by Gerald N. Lund

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