#8 – 3 tips for Powerful and Meaningful Prayers with guest Becky Edwards

In this episode our special guest, Becky Edwards from Purpose Driven Motherhood, shares three ways she uses the GIFT of PRAYER to go deeper in the gospel. These simple yet powerful tips have helped her strengthen her relationship with Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ! She also shares some very personal and real experiences that encouraged her to go deeper in the gospel.  President Packer said, “Prayer is your personal key to Heaven.” Have you felt that power yet? Have you used your personal key to Heaven? If not I pray this episode will inspire you to do just that! Prayer truly is a GIFT and our Savior and Redeemer wants to have a DEEP Relationship with YOU!!!

Becky Edwards site

“Purpose Driven Motherhood”  – A MUST VISIT!!!



Movie, Music, and Talks about PRAYER below

———–Movie that shows the Power of Prayer————-

War Room

————Talks on Prayer————————

(there are so many I love but here are 5 that are a MUST)



Sweet Hour of Prayer


The Privilege of Prayer






Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer


The Lifeline of Prayer


Pray Always


———-Christian Song on Prayer ———-

Song in the Desert – Fun & Inspiring

Sweet Hour of Prayer – Moving!


One Prayer Away – I love this song

 My Little Prayer – love

————BOOKS I love about Prayer————–

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (WOW Book)


The Circle Maker – this helped open my eyes to praying with a purpose 








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