#15 How would remembering the Pre-Existence change you?




In this episode I talk about how remembering the Pre-Existence can change us and help us have more charity. Did you know that was a gift you could ask for?  The beauty is remembering our feelings from the Pre-Existence can help us to let go of pride and no longer be puffed up. I hope you will learn as much as I did in preparing. Love you all!!! —

–Red Flags from Podcast (QUESTIONS)

1. Do you find yourself critiquing the talks in sacrament meeting?

2. Are you critical of others? Do you look down on others? Do you scorn or ridicule them?

3. When adversity strikes, do you hear a voice inside that says, “Why me?”

4. Do you react to prophetic counsel by ignoring it, being upset by it, or interpreting it to suit your own desires?

5. When you do something good, do you hear a voice inside congratulating yourself?

6. Do you feel self-gratification and a sense of importance in your knowledge and skill?

7. If someone you know receives something good, do you hear a voice inside saying, “What about me?”

8. Do you find ways to let others know of your success without appearing to boast?

9. If someone corrects a mistake you made, do you feel defensive and resentful?

10. When someone does something that creates inconvenience for you, do you feel annoyed?

Additional Red Flags/Questions from President Benson









Withholding Gratitude



Worrying what others think

Seeking approval of others


Beware of Pride by President Benson


The Pride Cycle by Elder Andersen


Are ye stripped of pride by Elder Clark








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