#17 How we can help our kids weather the storms of life with guest Emily Beeson


In this podcast I talk with guest Emily Beeson on how we can help our family and others make it through the storms of life by fulfilling one of our most important roles. This role can also bring us more joy than we ever knew possible.  Thanks for listening!


The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. PROVERBS 14: 1

“The Lord gave man instructions in the Garden of Eden “to dress it, and to keep it” (Moses 3:15). The Lord requires this of us today as He did then. We are expected and required to care for and beautify whatever space we occupy on this earth.”

Elder Boyd K. Packer  “You can do a great deal to create in your home an atmosphere of peace and homeyness and reverence and tranquility and security. You can do this without much to live on. Or you can create something angular and cold … and artificial. In a thousand different ways your youngsters will be influenced by the choice you make. You can set the tone. It can be quiet and peaceful where quiet and powerful strength can grow, or it can be bold and loud and turn the mainspring of tension a bit tighter in the little children as they are growing up, until at last, that mainspring breaks” (Eternal Marriage, Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year [14 Apr. 1970], 8).


To be a better Homemaker



Organize yourselves


Honored Place of Woman



Women of the Church by President Hinckley


Lesson 20 Homemaking and 27




Homemaking is about—how to create a home that nourishes, nurtures, and sustains life and beauty. It is all about how to order your living space and what happens there to embody the joy and beauty of God’s own Spirit.

If we look at the lovely world that God designed for us, we can see a pattern for what He has always intended for us—a home environment filled with color and creativity and order, a welcoming provider of laughter and refuge, a space where memories are made and shared. Instead of creating us to live in a house of weariness and colorlessness, God has made us to live in a home full of soul-beautiful elements.

I give them roots through creating and honoring family traditions, encouraging celebration, teaching them to cherish the ways and beauty of our God, and learning what we valued as a family

They were taking His light out into the darkness. But our home remained the lighthouse they could return to for rest and restoration in between the They were taking His light out into the darkness. But our home remained the lighthouse they could return to for rest and restoration in between the adventures that took them into the world.

How we need more “homemakers” so that all who live in this transient, transient, contemporary world might have a place to belong, to feel loved and valued, to serve and be served, to give and receive and celebrate all that is good.


A place to meet the needs of people who longed for the solace of a peaceful life away from the demands of everyday living.

Intentionally making my home a holding place for all that is beautiful, good, holy, and foundational to life—a place where those I love always feel like they belong, a place of freedom and grace that launches them into the persons they were made to be, a place of becoming.

All people need a place where their roots can grow deep and they always feel like they belong and have a loving refuge. And all people need a place that gives wings to their dreams, nurturing possibilities of who they might become.”

A home that provides a lifegiving legacy that will last for generations to come. I believe God has designed us to do just that.





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