A List of over 80 Spiritual Gifts

The prophets, apostles and the scriptures continually tell us that we should desire and zealously seek spiritual gifts. Yet Elder Oaks has warned “We know too little about spiritual gifts. This is evident in our communications, and it is also evident in our failure to seek after and use spiritual gifts.”

One of my missions in life is to learn about Spiritual Gifts and to share what I learn with others. While I LOVE speaking to groups, wards and stakes, my time is very limited, and sadly I cannot take all speaking opportunities. The great news is you do not need me because I am not the teacher, The Spirit is!!  One of the main purposes of Moms of Light is to allow me to share all I have learned with you so that YOU can share it with those you teach.   Elder Hales taught “He (Father in Heaven) desires that we should receive these gifts of the Spirit and magnify them and have them grow within us. We have to teach one another how to seek after them. As we do our faith in Him will increase and our true destiny will be fulfilled.”  See even our Prophets and Apostles want you to teach about Spiritual Gifts.

If you know of any additional Spiritual Gifts that I have not listed below please write them in the comments along with the reference 🙂  Someday I will post all of my notes on different gifts but that will take a while.

  1. The Gift of Receiving the Holy Ghost
  2. The Gift of Faith (Ether 12:6-22 and Alma 32:21)
  3. The Gift of Charity (Moroni 7:47 and I Corinthians 13:1-7)
  4. The Gift of Hope
  5. The Gift of Compassion
  6. The Gift of Tongues (Acts 2:1-10, 1 Corinthians 12:10, Moroni 10:15, D&C 46:24)
  7. The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues (1 Corinthians 12:10, Moroni 10:16, D&C 46:25)
  8. The Gift of Translation (D&C)
  9. The Gift of Knowledge (Moroni 10:10) (Matthew 7:28-29)
  10. The Gift of Revelation (D&C 6:14-15)
  11. The Gift of Meekness   –  https://momsoflight.com/2018/05/23/the-spiritual-gift-we-need-before-faith-and-hope/
  12. The Gift of Teaching Wisdom (Matthew 7:28-29)
  13. The Gift of Inspiration to praise and glorify God and rejoice (2 Nephi 31:13; D&C 97:5)
  14. The Gift of Convincing of Men of Truth (Doctrine & Covenants 11:20-21)
  15. The Gift of Knowing That Jesus Christ Is the Son of God (Doctrine & Covenants 46:13)
  16. The Gift of Believing the Testimony of Others (Doctrine & Covenants 46:14)
  17. The Gift of Prophecy ” including both testimony and prediction abilities (D&C 46:22, Moro. 10:13; 1 Cor. 12:10, 1 Cor. 14:1.)
  18. The Gift of Healing (Acts 3:2-9)
  19. The Gift of Faith to be Healed (Enos 1:4-8 and Doctrine & Covenants 46:19)
  20. The Gift of Working Miracles (Alma 14:23-28)
  21. The Gift of Beholding of Dreams (Article of Faith 7)
  22. The Gift of Beholding of Visions (Article of Faith 7)
  23. The Gift of Beholding of Angels  Alma 9:21Omni 1:25.)
  24. The Gift of Ministering Spirits
  25. The Gift of Humility (Alma 26:12)
  26. The Gift of Physical Strength (Judges 14:5-6)
  27. The Gift of Endurance (Judges 14:5-6)
  28. The Gift of the Interpretation of Dreams and Visions
  29. The Gift of Beholding of Spirits  Alma 9:21Omni 1:25.)
  30. The Gift of Hearing Spirits
  31. The Gift of Gratitude  (Doctrine & Covenants 78:19)
  32. The Gift of Discernment (Acts 5:1-4 and Doctrine & Covenants 46:23)
  33. The Gift of Words of Wisdom (different than The Word of Wisdom, it is having knowledge and living it)
  34. The Gift to Teach Words of Wisdom (different than The Word of Wisdom)
  35. The Gift of Being a Disciple of Christ (Marvin Ashton)
  36. The Gift of Seeking That Which is Righteous (Marvin Ashton)
  37. The Gift of Looking to God for Guidance (Marvin Ashton)
  38. The Gift of Hearing the Still Small Voice (Marvin Ashton)
  39. The Gift of Using the Still Small Voice (Marvin Ashton)
  40. The Gift of Being a Peacemaker (Marvin Ashton)
  41. The Gift of Diligence (Marvin Ashton)
  42. The Gift of a Servants Heart (Marvin Ashton)
  43. The Gift of a Cheerful Heart (Elder Lawrence) Hinkley and Joseph Smith had this gift. Our Savior has this and you can’t help but want to be around HIM!!!
  44. The Gift of Asking (Marvin Ashton)
  45. The Gift of Listening (Marvin Ashton)
  46. The Gift of Avoiding Contention (Marvin Ashton)
  47. The Gift of Being Agreeable (Marvin Ashton)
  48. The Gift of Calm (Marvin Ashton)
  49. The Gift to Calm Others (Marvin Ashton)
  50. The Gift of Caring for Others (Marvin Ashton)
  51. The Gift of Patience (Elder Lawrence)
  52. The Gift of Loyalty (Elder Lawrence)
  53. The Gift of Observation (Moroni 1:2 & Elder Lawrence)
  54. The Gift of Asking (Jared 1:43, Elder Lawrence)
  55. The Gift to Recall (Mosiah 17:4, Elder Lawrence) Alma & Wilford Woodruff both had this)
  56. The Gift of Courage (Elder Lawrence) Nephi, Esther, Abinadi, many others
  57. The Gift of having a Forgiving Heart
  58. The Gift of Remembering Names (Elder Lawrence)
  59. The Gift to Govern Children (President George Q. Cannon)
  60. The Gift to Organize Households (President George Q. Cannon)
  61. The Gift of Organization (Elder Lawrence)
  62. The Gift to See Spiritual Gifts in Others (Elder Lawrence)
  63. The Gift of Creative Ideas (Elder Lawrence)
  64. The Gift of Understand Scriptures (D&C 32:4 Elder Lawrence)
  65. The Gift to Expound Scriptures (Elder Lawrence)
  66. The Gift of Making Friends (Elder Lawrence)
  67. The Gift of Problem Solving (Elder Lawrence)
  68. The Gift to Teach the Saviors Way (Elder Lawrence)
  69. The Gift of Inspirational Singing (From Elizabeth Ann Whitney’s patriarchal blessing Elder Lawrence)
  70. The Gift of Relating to Children (Elder Lawrence) Joseph Smith has this gift
  71. The Gift of Being able to Weep (Marvin Ashton)
  72. The Gift of Hearing (Marvin Ashton)
  73. The Gift of Creation  (Marvin Ashton)
  74. The Gift of Avoiding Repetition (Marvin Ashton)
  75. The Gift of Being Able to Ponder (Marvin Ashton)
  76. The Gift of Offering Prayer (Marvin Ashton)
  77. The Gift of Bearing a Might Testimony (Marvin Ashton)
  78. The Gift to Study (D&C 46)
  79. Gift to Teaching the Word of Knowledge (Dallin H. Oaks)
  80. Gift of Joy (Doctrine & Covenants 78:19)
  81. The Gift of Diversities of Operations (D&C 46:16)
  82. The Gift of allowing the receiver to act as a conduit of the messages of God to humanity (2 Nephi 28:4; Nephi 10:11; Alma 8:30; Moroni 8:7; Moses 5:14)
  83. The Gift of receiving inspired, correct words in difficult circumstances (D&C 100:5-6)
  84.  The Gift to be Warned of Danger (Alma 48:15)
  85. The Gift to go to pass unnoticed or untouched  (Helaman 10:15-16)
  86. The Gifts of Health, Prosperity, and Success (1 Nephi 2:20, 4:14, 13:15; 2 Nephi 1:9, 20, 31; 2 Nephi 4:4, 5:11, 13; Jarom 1:9; Mosiah 1:7; Ether 10:28; D&C 9:13)
  87. The Gift of Posterity (Helaman 11:20)
  88. The Gifts of divine Glory and Transfiguration (1 Nephi 17:52; Moses 1:11)
  89.   The Gift of Eternal Life ( 1 Nephi 15:36; D&C 6:13, 14:7)


6 qualifications for spiritual gifts.

In D&C 46, the Lord lists SIX QUALIFICATIONS to receive spiritual gifts:

(1) They are not to be sought as signs (see D&C 46:9)

(2) they are to be used in the service of others (see D&C 46:12, 26)

(3) we should ask “in the Spirit” (D&C 46:30)

(4) they are to be used “in the name of Christ” (D&C 46:31)

(5) we must thank God “for whatsoever blessing [we] are blessed with” (D&C 46:32); and

(6) we “must practice virtue and holiness before [the Lord] continually” (D&C 46:33).

“Apostle Marvin J. Ashton spoke about spiritual gifts at general conference. He explained that there were many more gifts available to the Saints than those which are listed in the scriptures.” Over the years I have made a list of Spiritual Gifts.  The list below includes 80 Spiritual Gifts . In this list I have ONLY included gifts mentioned in scriptures or by leaders of the LDS Church. While I have a larger personal list of spiritual gifts from my blessing, family members blessings and ones the Lord has taught me personally, I have not chosen to include those.  Even though I mention more spiritual gifts throughout my podcast, I wanted this list to be one member could use at church! I highly recommend you go on your own personal study and create your own list. As  Elder Bruce R. McConkie said – “Spiritual gifts are endless in number and infinite in variety.” 


“If any of us are imperfect, it is our duty to pray for the gift that will make us perfect. … No man ought to say, ‘Oh, I cannot help this; it is my nature.’ He is not justified in it, for the reason that God has promised to give strength to correct these things, and to give gifts that will eradicate them. If a man lacks wisdom, it is his duty to ask God for wisdom. The same with everything else. That is the design of God concerning His Church. He wants His Saints to be perfected in the truth. For this purpose He gives these gifts, and bestows them upon those who seek after them, in order that they may be a perfect people upon the face of the earth.” (Millennial Star, Apr. 1894, p. 260.)

“The gift of the Holy Ghost is conferred on both men and women. So are spiritual gifts. As Elder Bruce R. McConkie declared in Nauvoo at the dedication of the Monument to Women: “Where spiritual things are concerned, as pertaining to all of the gifts of the Spirit, with reference to the receipt of revelation, the gaining of testimonies, and the seeing of visions, in all matters that pertain to godliness and holiness and which are brought to pass as a result of personal righteousness in all these things men and women stand in a position of absolute equality before the Lord. He is no respecter of persons nor of sexes, and he blesses those men and those women who seek him and serve him and keep his commandments.” (Ensign, Jan. 1979, p. 61.)”

Elder Gene R. Cook — “One of the great processes you go through in life is to discover yourself, to find those gifts and capacities God has given you. He has given you great talents, the smallest part of which you have just begun to utilize. Trust the Lord to assist you in unlocking the door to those gifts. Some of us have created imaginary limits in our minds. There is literally a genius locked up inside each of us. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise” (“Trust in the Lord,” in Hope [1988], 90-91).

The relationship between these gifts illustrates the purpose for which all spiritual gifts are given: “And all these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God.” (D&C 46:26) Spiritual gifts are given to members of the Church “that all may be profited thereby.” (D&C 46:12; see also D&C 46:9Moro. 10:8.) The same principle is evident in Paul’s teachings in 1 Corinthians 12. Here spiritual gifts are likened to the various parts of the body, each performing its own function and each serving the entire “body of Christ.” (1 Cor. 12:27.)

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught, the gifts of the Spirit “are obtained through that medium” [the Holy Ghost] and “cannot be enjoyed without the gift of the Holy Ghost. … The world in general can know nothing about them.”


Spiritual gifts do not come visibly, automatically, and immediately to all who have received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that most such gifts are “not visible to the natural vision, or understanding of man,” and that it “require[s] time and circumstances to call these gifts into operation.” (Teachings, pp. 244, 246.)

We must take care never to misuse spiritual gifts. As the Prophet Joseph Smith taught, when spiritual gifts “are applied to that which God does not intend, they prove an injury, a snare and a curse instead of a blessing.” (Teachings, p. 248.)

Elder Oaks “Satan-inspired and man-made counterfeits of spiritual gifts have been present throughout our religious history…. Here we learn that Satan gives revelations to deceive the children of men and that our protection is in following the order of the Church on who should receive revelation for what subject. In this, both men and women have equal responsibility to follow the duly ordained leaders of the church who have the obligation to lead and, on occasion, to correct.”




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