#22 The Day the Lord healed me




In this episode I share how a Spiritual Habit allowed the Lord to heal me when I really needed it. The coolest part is He has done the same thing for other people as well. This comfort, healing and power is always there for us.


“Our Father in Heaven is generous with His power. All men and all women have access to this power for help in our own lives. All who have made sacred covenants with the Lord and who honor those covenants are eligible to receive personal revelation, to be blessed by the ministering of angels, [and] to commune with God.” Elder Ballard

“As we attend the temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a feeling of peace.”President Monson

“There is not one thing that the Lord could do for the salvation of the human family that he has neglected to do; … all that can be accomplished for their salvation, independent of them, has been accomplished in and by the Savior.” Brigham Young

“Those who enter the temple are also to bear the attribute of holiness. … We can acquire holiness only by enduring and persistent personal effort.” President Nelson

–Dedicatory Prayers–

D&C 109 Prayer offered for the dedication of the Kirtland Temple

Salt Lake – talk about a prayer


Here is where you can find all prayers. Don’t you just LOVE THEM?



President Nelson – Person Preparation for temple blessings


President Monson – Blessings of the Temple


Do we know what we have – Sister Stephens


Elder Cook – See yourself in the temple



Understanding Temple Symbols – I LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK

Sacred Symbols

I forgot to mention this one BUT it is really cool and fun to share stories with your family!


The Holy Temple – Also a great read – I love Packer


The Temple – Gaining Knowledge and Power in the house of the Lord (free with DB app)

Books that are not about the temple but shared in this episode

Brother Lawerrence – Practicing the Presence of Jesus Christ – FREE – LOVE THIS

Click to access Brother%20Lawrence-The%20Practice%20of%20the%20Presence%20of%20God.pdf

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ – LOVE THIS


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