#27 One question we all need to be ready to answer at the judgement bar




Ezra Taft Benson

“Yes, I love this nation. To me it is not just another nation, not just a member of the family of nations. It is a great and glorious nation with a divine mission, brought into being under the inspiration of heaven. It is truly a land choice above all others. I thank God for the knowledge which we have regarding the prophetic history and the spiritual foundation of this great land of America. When I contemplate the great events that have transpired here, going way back to the Ezra Taft Benson 5 days when our first parents were placed in the Garden of Eden, and recall that this garden was here in America, that it was here also where Adam met with a body of great high priests at Adam-ondi-Ahman shortly before his death and gave them his final blessing, and that to that same spot he is to return again to meet with the leaders of his people, his children—when I contemplate, my brothers and sisters, that here in this land will be established the New Jerusalem, that here in this land will Zion be built—when I contemplate that prophets of God anciently served here in this land, and that the resurrected Christ appeared to them—and when I contemplate that the greatest of all visions, the coming of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, to the boy Prophet in our day, took place in this land, my heart fills with gratitude that I am privileged to live here, and that I have the honor and pleasure not only of serving in the Church but also of serving in the government of this great land. I consider it an honor and a privilege.”


OKAY I totally understand there are a ton of books listed here, more than most people would read. Remember this is part of my mission in life, to share the importance of Liberty, Agency and freedom.  For all of you I recommend PRAY and ASK what should you and your family study each year. Maybe you read one or two a year. Maybe you are supposed to study Washington, Maybe the American Covenant, or maybe amazing stories of every day heroes, or miracles. I don’t know BUT the Lord will lead you if you ask. The list below is not to overwhelm you but give you some ideas of GREAT resources and books.  Even listening to the podcasts would bless you and your family!

Whatever you do remember this is part of ALL of our missions and we will be held accountable for teaching our children the histroy of Liberty and the importance of it in their lives.


My Favorite Mentors on History are Tim Ballard & David Barton!

  • Wall Builders by David Barton is an AMAZING resource!


The American Heritage Series is video series and is FREE with Amazon Prime. It is GREAT!


  • National Center for Constitutional Studies is also GREAT!


  • Tim Ballard 


My favorites of hos aren’t on there. I LOVE The American Covenant. They have them at Desert Book!


Podcasts from Libraries of Hope on American History I really like!


George Washington
Abraham Lincoln



The 5000 Year Leap (EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS! This book helps us see how America and freedom changed the world!


The American Covenant Volume 1 & 2 (they are cheaper at Desert Book than Amazon)


  • His book The Covenant vs the American Covenant. The Covenant is non LDS. It is the book Operation Underground Railroad gives when you donate $250.  The American Covenant ties in the Book of Mormon and LDS beliefs. I own both version and as an LDS member PREFER The American Covenant. However both have GREAT information but they are VERY similar.
  • If you buy both volumes of The American Covenant  it is a better deal on Amazon


A Glorious Standard for all Mankind (this book is FULL of quotes from LDS prophets on the Constitution, founding of America, etc!) It is AMAZING and helps us know where the prophets stand!!!


Miracles in American History



Here are some of my other favorite Books

Americans History in Black and White – LOVE THIS BOOK!


Unlikely Heroes – this whole book is full of stories of everyday people who made a difference! I LOVE IT!


Wives of the Signers (I really like this book!)


Lives of the Signers 

The Miracle of America


Seven Miracles that Saved America 


1776 (this book inspired a lot of Tim Ballard’s writings. When I read Ballard’s books I often notice how often he quotes and references this book) 


We should know our Founding Fathers and should study their lives!


Books I LOVE on George Washington

(we should ALL study his life)

Apostle of Liberty  (my daughter loves this too!)


Washington Hypothesis by Ballard (my kids LOVE this one too)


The Real George Washington


George Washington Sacred Fire (I have NOT read this one but would like to and have heard GREAT THINGS) 


I LOVE ALL OF THE REAL books. Washington, Jefferson and Franklin!!!

I love how Tim Ballard compares Franklin to Alma the Younger with a huge turn around. You could also compare to Nicodemus. They all had a spiritual moment that softened their heart. While Franklin NEVER was fighting against God he does have his heart turned to God in his older years.


Book on Thomas Jefferson 

The Jefferson Lies (AMAZING BOOK!)

John Adams 


Benjamin Rush – I LOVE THIS MAN! He has an AMAZING dream about Jefferson and Adams!



Another Great life worth studying.

The Lincoln Hypothesis





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