3 Things Every Parent Should Help Their Child Remember



In this episode I share three things the Spirit taught that I need to be focusing on with my children and make sure they remember them everyday.  The more I thought about these three things the more I realize ALL of us need to remember these three things EVERYDAY!  As we do we not only honor Christ we will draw closer to Him and allow Him to help us fulfill our LIFE MISSION!



EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS STORY – my kids loved it too!!! 


We are at War Talks



Holy Ghost 



We are enough! 






2 thoughts on “3 Things Every Parent Should Help Their Child Remember

  1. I have been struggling with this concept, and you
    gave me precious insight to help me work out problems in my own life. Thank you. PS the love box letters or whatever they are called – thank you…I am going to do this. My son has been so out of control lately, and I know he is truly the sweetest little man ever and I have been struggling with how we can teach and guide him and lead him into becomeing a strong man with a strong work ethic and a strong and solid testimony without distorting or distroying his fun loving and sweet nature. So I truly feel parts of my prayers have been answered in hearing these words today.


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