Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to post this. I wanted to put this as a letter to all of you and explain BUT I haven’t had time. SO instead here is the letter I give family members when they have a baby. I give them a “Love Box” and something like this as well as a letter if it is to niece or nephew. I have started giving them each a letter for their Birthdays. 😊   I LOVE being and AUNT!!


Here is kind of what I give. However, it does change for each person.

Being a parent with the one you love is the GREATEST blessing you will ever have. There really is nothing as important as family in this life. I am so grateful for our Heavenly Fathers Plan, it really is the Plan of Happiness.  As a parent it can be hard to express your love for your child because it truly is eternal and beautiful.  It can also be hard and challenge and push you in ways you never knew you could be pushed. I have found kids bring out the best in me as well as help me see all the areas I need to grow and improve. It is humbling, fun, amazing, hard and everything in between. A few years ago, we started these LOVE BOXES for our kids.

It all started because I took a large memory chest to a Young Women’s New Beginnings as Décor.  He asked me where I was taking my “Love Box” when I asked him what he meant he said “you know when you open it up you can just feel all the love pouring out.” OH that melted my heart and I knew right then I had to get each of my kids their own love box.  I knew right away I wanted it FILLED with letters from Me and Rad. That way if they were ever feeling alone, unloved or anything negative they could always go to their Love Box and read letters from us, their sibling, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends.  However, when I prayed the Lord gave me a vision to make it so much more. A talk by President Eyring called Help Them Aim High, came to my mind.  In there he talks about helping them see their potential. It was that answer that made me want to make it more purposeful! I wanted my kids to have a RECORD that showed them their parents prayed for them and often. That we had faith in their and their abilities.  That is what it has turned into and I LOVE IT and so do my kids! As their boxes get too full and they do 🙂 we place the letters and notes in sheet protectors in a three-ring binder.

Rad and I write them notes a year and put them in their love box. We take turns writing them.

Here are some examples of what we put in their Love Box.

  • Every New Years we write them a note and share some of the memories we had with them that really stand out and what we hope the new year will bless them with. It doesn’t have to be super long.
  • For Valentines their siblings write letters to each other. We start 5 weeks before Valentine because we have 5 kids, they get one person a week to pray for, serve and look for their good qualities. Then they write the person the note at the end of the week and slip it into their Love Box. It’s a Month full of love.  (This is similar to our Family Prayer Chart but it changes a little for the letter.)
  • Patrick’s Day, we call Lucky to be an Anderson Day.  We have a huge green party and make a list together of ways we loved being an Anderson that year. Then we make copies of the list along with family picture at the party. Then we put them in our Love Boxes.
  • For their Birthday’s we write them a letter with Spiritual gifts we have seen in them, talents they have built and how we see them developing into the person God wants them to be.
  • When they are baptized we asked all the family to write a letter and share talents, spiritual gifts and things they love about them.
  • When they are 12 we ask family to write a letter sharing things they wish they would have known as a teen and why they feel they will be a great teen. They give it to them at their Initiation Party. We will also do this when they are 18.
  • At Christmas one of us writes them letter telling them which Spiritual Gift we are praying they will receive this year and why. That is where we start. The Spirit often changes what the letter is but that is what we pray for inspiration for.
  • We also take pictures of our one on one dates with them and put those in their as a reminder of how we love to spend time with them.
  • We put all letters or notes from family and friends in it as well.
  • We write them a letter with their Biblical Match & Liberty Match
  • They can put whatever they want in it!!

That might be a little MUCH 😊 But if you break it down it is three letters from us a year and they can be short. We all love it and the kids cherish their letters and boxes. I know because I have been LATE in giving them letters and they remind me!

The reason I am giving you this is because it has been SUCH a blessing for our whole family and when thinking of a gift I wanted to give something that would really bless your family.  I pray it will bless your family as it has ours. Such amazing and strong spirits are coming to prepare the world for Christ. May we as parents help give our children a vision and hope of the bright future that lay ahead. This is one way we try to do that.

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