#32 25 Ways to Study Your Patriarchal Blessing

one by one

Have you ever wished you could have been part of the Nephites when Christ blessed the children one by one. If you have received your Patriarchal Blessing then you have been blessed one by one. That blessing is just for you and it is written down! COOL HUH! I wondered if they did that. Here are 25 ways you can study your blessing! I hope these suggestions will bless your life as much as they have mine 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! Goodbye until next week!


Patriarchal Blessing Notebook Journal 


  1. Create a Patriarchal Blessing Notebook Journal! 
  • A 3-ring binder works great.
  • You can keep your original blessing in page protectors at the front and then have normal pages for the rest or put them all in page protectors.
  • Remember this is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and no one else.


  1. Type up your blessing
  • Double or triple space – provide space to write notes between the lines.
  • Typing it up is important for many of the reasons listed below


  1. Cut and paste sections and put them on their own pages.
  • Provide a page for each different topic (i.e. lineage, education, marriage, children, service, work)
  • Write notes below the copied/pasted section.
  • Color code the parts that stand out to you.
  • Ponder, pray and ask to be given more inspiration about specific topics.
  • Record scriptures and talks in the note section


  1. Identify what your blessing says about how Heavenly Father feels about you.
  • Does it say He loves you?
  • Does it say He is proud of you?
  • Does it say you were held back for this day for a reason?
  • Does it say how you were in Heaven?
  • After you copy and paste each sentence, write under it how it makes you feel!! What does it tell you about you?
  • As always if it doesn’t address any of these topics, that doesn’t mean He doesn’t feel that way about you or you weren’t that way in Heaven. Some blessings say nothing in this area, some blessings might say all these things.
  • If you wish it said something, WRITE it down, study it and ask Heavenly Father to know more.
  • We know He LOVES all His children and we know we stood for Christ before we came or we wouldn’t be here.


  1. Find and record common, repetitive words.
  • Define those words and record the synonyms
  • Look up scriptures that have those words in it
  • Ponder why are they repeated
  • You can put this page in a different color.
  • Remember things that are repeated are IMPORTANT!


  1.  Make a list of your responsibilities
  • List each responsibility on a separate sheet of paper
  • Ponder, pray and search for people in the scriptures or throughout history who had similar responsibilities.
  • What can you learn from them?
  • Write about their lives and how they handled the specific responsibility.
  • What gifts did they have that you could ask for?


  1. Make a list of the blessings mentioned in your blessing.
  • List each blessing on a different sheet of paper.
  • Study these blessings in the scriptures and conference talks.
  • Write what responsibilities or commandments are tied to these blessings. It might say the responsibilities or commandments in your blessing or you might find them in scriptures and conference talks.


  1. Make a list of the weaknesses, sins or warnings mentioned in your blessing. I highlight mine in RED. 
  • Have a separate sheet of paper for each of them.
  • Look for examples in the scriptures or talks that can teach you more.
  • Study other peoples lives who have the same challenges (i.e. addiction, pride, fear, doubt, being lulled away).
  • Whatever the weakness, sin or warning is, pray and ask to learn more.
  • What Spiritual Gifts can help with that weakness, sin and warning, etc.
  • Record weaknesses, sins and warnings that are not listed in your blessing but you are aware of having, as directed by the Spirit
  • Last week the Spirit showed me THREE areas in my life I have pride. YIKES! Some of them were based off of fear. My fear was leading to pride. It was humbling yet beautiful. Each one might need a different spiritual gift. Sometimes you will see the same gift come up again and again!!!


  1. Record comments about Satan or darkness
  • What does it say?
  • This can also go on the warning page BUT can also be its own page or split it in half.
  • How is Satan trying to get to you? Anger, annoyance, contention, lack of forgiveness, holding grudges, being judgmental!
  • How is he involved?
  • What does your blessing say about him?
  • What do the scriptures and prophets help you to better understand about this?
  • Does it say he is trying to get you, to sift you as wheat? Write scriptures that go along with it and what it says about it.
  • Make a list of how he is trying to get you.
  • Make a list of ways you might be letting him into your life (i.e.. listening to music or watching shows that cause the spirit to leave).
  • Make a list of things you should change in your life to protect you from him and his workers.
  • Does it say you will bind Satan in your life? If so what does that mean? Where is that said in scriptures and by apostles and prophets?
  • If it doesn’t say anything, you can still make this page from scriptures or talks and record what the Spirit tells you.


  1. Make cross references to scriptures or talks that have the same verbiage or same message as thing said in your blessing, especially if you have EXACT or close to wording of a scripture.  I have read some where the wording is exact.
  • Cross references might be different on different pages because the same line may mean something different to you.
  • Make notes even if the wording is close to a scripture or just reminds you of it.


  1. Focus on verbiage. Example: will vs may
  • Why was it said that way?
  • Highlight it in different colors.
  • As always go to the scriptures and conference talks to better understand.
  • Have a page in your notebook that says Will and one that says May Anytime you come across it in the scriptures or a talk, write it down.
  • Write your thoughts and impressions that go with it.


  1. Make a list of spiritual gifts listed in your blessing.
  • Rarely does it say spiritual gift. Study spiritual gifts so you can know what to look for.  Go to the list on my site that has over 80 different gifts listed and then read your blessing looking for those.
  • Remember that gifts are infinite in number. So many of them will not be on the list. I know of over 100 maybe 200 more gifts that are not listed on the list of 80. The list of 80 are just ones I have references to but there are so many more!!!
  • Add gifts to your list as you recognize them in yourself.


  1. Look at what it says about who you need to become.
  • Focus on those attributes and work to grow them.
  • What spiritual gifts will help you accomplish this?
  • Check in a few times a year and write how you think you are progressing towards developing this gift.
  • Have you noticed weaknesses or sins that are holding you back? Again, Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Habits play a LARGE ROLE in this.


  1. Create a page of Spiritual Habits.
  • Does it list them in your blessing? If so I always put those in a different color and bold them. Maybe it references the temple, scripture study, maybe it talks about your gift of PRAYER! Some say amazing things about prayer.
  • Is Satan trying to make this a weakness or is it currently a weakness and Heavenly Father wants to help make it a strength?
  • Also list spiritual habits the prophets and apostles have told us are VITAL!  Take notes on them.
  • Reference them to talks or scriptures that go along with it that stand out to you. Write how they go along with blessing listed in your blessing. Are any of those blessings because of these habits? Things to look for, we go over one a month, prayer, scripture study, temple, meditation, pondering, church callings, etc.


  1. Make a page about your eternal companion.
  • What does it say about him/her?
  • What does it say about the two of you together?
  • Read between the lines. And then strive for that.
  • Write gifts and habits that would help you.
  • Make a list of their spiritual gifts. List the gifts you see in them as well as gifts listed in their blessing.
  • Notice which of their gifts your children have been given. PRAY and thank Heavenly Father for blessing you with a spouse with these gifts!
  • Thank Heavenly Father for giving your children a father or mother that has these gifts!
  • Make a list of gifts that would help with the weaknesses, sins or warnings in their blessings.
  • PRAY PRAY PRAY for the gifts that will help them with their weaknesses, sins and warnings then give it to Father!
  • What struggles are you meant to LOVE and support them through?
  • Pray to always focus on their good qualities.
  • Pray to see them as Heavenly Father does and write everything down as it comes.
  • What a BLESSING! Write all the reasons you are so blessed to have them in your life.
  • Notice how their strengths and gifts often help or balance your weaknesses. Be so thankful for this!!!
  • Write 300 things you love about them!!! With your spouse and your children, the greatest thing you can ever do is see them as God does. Their blessing is a WONDEFUL way to have that glimpse!


  1. Take notes from your spouse’s blessings about what it says about you.
  • Are you living up to that?
  • What do you need to change or become to be more of the person they need?


  1. Make a list of each of your childrens’ Spiritual Gifts.
  • Have a page for each child.
  • Write down their gifts as you notice them, or the Spirit tells you about them. This notebook is the PERFECT place to keep these lists.
  • Write the Spiritual Gifts listed in their patriarchal blessings.
  • Have a list of gifts you would like them to have or think would help them. Again, if they have their blessing you can look for those.
  • PRAY for those gifts for your children!
  • Pray and thank Heavenly Father for the gifts you notice in them.
  • Pray, ponder and ask how you can help them build those gifts and if there is anything you need to do.
  • Takes notes on their page.
  • Pray and ask to see how Heavenly Father sees them and write it on this page. If you are having a hard time with them, go back to this again and again!!! If they have neat spiritual experiences, if allowed, write them down here and what gift contributed to the experience.
  • Again, keep other people’s experiences extra guarded!
  • Take notes from Father’s Blessings they receive and other blessings and add it to their pages.


  1. Make copies of ancestors’ blessings that have passed on.
  • You can request these from LDS.org COOL HUH!
  • Put copies of all of them in your notebook.
  • Take notes of any Spiritual Gifts or blessings THEY were given. Especially ones that say their children and childrens’ children will have.  Even if it doesn’t say they will have it, often they are passed down.  Someone who has the gifts of dreams will often have family members with the same gifts.
  • Write down responsibilities, warnings and blessings.
  • Pray and ask how this relates to you.


  1. Make a list of your tribe’s responsibilities, blessings and warnings.
  • Study your lineage – your tribe!
  • The main reason for a blessing is to know your tribe. Do you care? Have you studied it?
  • Read everything in the scriptures that talks about your tribe.
  • Write what you learn on this page.
  • What are the responsibilities of your tribe?
  • What are the gifts and blessings? You can make a page for responsibilities, blessings, gifts, lessons, etc.
  • Do you know about your tribe’s symbol and stone, what does that mean to you?
  • Write why you are grateful to be part of this tribe.
  • Pray and thank Heavenly Father for trusting you with these responsibilities.
  • Make a page of all the parts in your blessing that support this role and tribe. (i.e. church callings, missions, life callings and purposes). You can write your tribe’s name next to it to remind you they are from the tribe!!


  1. Study the people and their lives that are from your tribe.
  • Write how they fulfilled their responsibilities as a member of this tribe.
  • What can you learn from them?
  • Write spiritual gifts they had (i.e. dreams, visions, great faith, etc).
  • Pray, ponder, take notes. What does this mean to you?


  1. List references to the Gathering of Israel, the twelve tribes, the lost ten tribes.
  • Pray and ponder this.
  • Write notes on what you learn.
  • Write ways that you can and are fulfilling this important role.
  • Write down what it says you will do. What is expected of you? Is it specific? If so, write it down.  If your blessing doesn’t discuss this, that doesn’t mean you are not supposed to be a part of it. Our prophet just told us this is why we are here.
  • Pray and get direction specifically from the Lord.  Because you are part of a tribe THIS MATTERS TO YOU!!!!
  • Copy and paste parts from the scriptures that stand out to you!!
  • Listen to or read Sister Nelson and President Nelson’s address to the youth about this.
  • Write notes. What are you meant to do?  What blessings will come?
  • How do you feel about this part of your mission? How do you want to participate? Are you enlisted???  If not, enlist today!!


  1. Make a list of any mention of people from the scriptures such as prophets, apostles, etc.
  • What does it say?
  • Ponder why would Heavenly Father mentioned them in your blessing.
  • Does it say why? If not, ask.
  • Ponder what that means and what you are meant to learn from it.
  • Record your impressions.


  1. Write the Cool things said in your blessing.
  • Have a page where you copy and paste all the things you think are neat about your blessing! Okay your whole blessing is COOL!! It really is.
  • At different times different passages will mean more to you. Write those down and write why!


  1. Memorize your blessing or parts of your blessing.


  1. Make Additional pages
  • Add whatever pages the Spirit prompts you to. Maybe it is a page of different ways the same sentence touched you throughout your life.
  • A page where you list all the ways your blessing has answered the prayers or questions you have had.
  • A page where you list all the times your blessing has been useful!
  • Remember this is YOUR Patriarchal Blessing Notebook Journal! It is meant to be individual. You do not have to do everything listed above. This is a personal lifetime study for you! These are just tips to help you get started. You change the way you look at and study your own personal scripture!! This is Heavenly Father’s note to you. Just as all scripture has multiple meanings and deeper lessons, so does your patriarchal blessing. These are just ways to help you.



  • Write down questions you have and look for ways your blessing answers these questions.
  • Before making any big life choices, double check with your patriarchal blessing. Can you still fulfill the blessings?
  • Never ever, ever compare your blessing with anyone else’s blessing! I did once and was so humbled.  Yours may have HIDDEN treasures. I heard an apostle say once that his was less than a page.  Maybe something is not in your blessing, so ask the Lord about it! Often when things are in our blessing we fail to ask for more. We should always be asking if there is more to learn whether it is in our blessing or not 🙂
  • Keep it sacred!!! It is not something that is openly shared. HOWEVER, if the Spirit instructs you, sometimes allowing someone else to read your blessing with fresh eyes may help point out things to you.


BYU Talks I LOVE on Patriarchal Blessings 




11 Conference Talks about Patriarchal Blessings 



Thank you SuZan Brown for editing this for me!!!

Art by Jeremy Winborg – He Blessed them One by One


8 thoughts on “#32 25 Ways to Study Your Patriarchal Blessing

  1. Fantastic podcast!!! So inspiring!!! I am so blessed today to have these new ways to study my blessing opened up to me. I would love to help you edit your notes. Let me know how I can serve.


  2. Years ago my brother and I got this idea to compare Patriarchal Blessing for 4 generations to see if the promises and blessing listed were handed down through generations. The only thing was the “tribe”. It just proved to us that we each have our own purpose and path. I was very touched by the blessing, promises and things said in each of those blessings.


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