One aspect of Spiritual Gifts that many of us forget


There is one KEY aspect of Spiritual Gifts that is easy to forget but can be life changing if we remember it!


Walking in the Light f His Love (such a good talk!)

The Love of God (I LOVE Elder Uchtdorf!!)

Being One with Christ




As I mention in the podcast I have loved learning about Swedenborg! He inspired Helen Keller and many others.  While he did not have all truth and had many things wrong his new views of Christ and God changed peoples heart! I believe Heavenly Father works with many of his children to help get them ready for the fullness of the gospel.  How thankful I am to have the Fullness of the Gospel and the Scriptures, they are the greatest source of light. I love learning cool things from anywhere I can find truth and light. When I learn from other people and sources it always deepens my faith in the gospel of Jesus of Christ. I love what President Hinckley said, bring all the truth that you have and we will add to it.

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