#34 – 3 Ways to help those who are struggling with their faith

woman with christ

I believe as a parent it is our responsibility to help our kids be prepared for when doubts and questions arise. As parents there are many things we can do to help them be ready for when the trail of their faith happens. In this episode I share three tips that help BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER. The first tip is something I believe we should all do PRIOR and the other two we should do ALL the time 🙂

As parents we need to be well informed about our church, church history and doctrine!  As I mention in the podcast we should stay away from “Anti Mormon” literature because it only brings more darkness and confusion. HOWEVER, we can know the truth and history before so when our loved ones ask question we are one not caught off guard but already know that it happened and two know the TRUTH behind the situation.  After having read a lot of Anti Mormon material in college (which I do NOT recommend) I know they take truth and twists it.  We need to be informed from the RIGHT source.

I LOVE the new book Saints out by the church!! This covers MOST anti Mormon literature I read. I don’t think we could ask for a better tool to help our kids.  What better way to have our kids ready than by having them already know the stories from the source. They will feel the Spirit as they learn and read it and that is KEY! That is what I talk about in the podcast and look how great the church is 🙂  they help us prepare BEFORE the battles comes.

I am so glad they are studying this in Seminary and have a class Institute but WE ALSO NEED TO BE Aware! After struggling for a while I read and researched a lot! Not all of my questions and worries were answered but most were. These books are meant to cover this information. READ the book. Listen to the podcast. Watch the videos. Read the additional articles. I found the more I learned and the more I studied the DEEPER my testimony became. It was AMAZING. The VERY things that had made me worried or concerned now opened my eyes to deeper truth and greater understanding.  If you learn these things WITH THE SPIRIT from the RIGHT SOURCE your testimony will grow!!!

I also loved the Face to Face given a few days after this podcast! This is VERY important for parents to beware of and prepared for.   The book Saints is FREE on Desert Book app and it has the audio to it WAHOO!!! And they have been putting some in the Ensign each month. They also have podcast and more!!  Links are below the podcast.

Let us not go into the battle for our children’s souls unprepared!!!


The Book SAINTS and more

READ, LISTEN AND LEARN = Being prepared


Saints Podcast – so cool



Will you Engage in the Wrestle


Help doubting students believe


Come, Join with us ( I said this was Holland but it was actually Uchdorf:-)


Be not afraid only believe


A Disciple a Friend









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