#35 How to Stop Sibling Rivalry

family praying


This week I share one thing the Spirit had our family start doing that helped stop sibling rivalry and help my kids draw closer.



More notes coming soon 🙂

On Sunday’s during their one on one with mom and dad or just mom or dad we ask them questions and just let them talk. Here are a few of the questions 🙂

Tell me about your week?

Was there anything you struggled with?

What areas are you trying to improve?

Is there anything you need help with?

What blessings did you see in your life last week?

What are you grateful for?

What things do you want us as a family to pray for, for you?

Is there anything you want just mom and dad to pray for you?

2 thoughts on “#35 How to Stop Sibling Rivalry

  1. I can’t remember if I specifically prayed for this, but I still feel it’s certainly an answer to prayers! I love that siblings are praying for each other, and praying how they can be a support and how they can help for that sibling. I love interviews with our children which I’ve not been able to consistently establish. And guiding them how to write a meaningful note of appreciation, is just awesome! Thank you!

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    1. Emily I am so glad! Being consistent was hard for me with weekly interviews until this. For some reason this helped me do them more often because otherwise we didn’t know what to pray for. 🙂 Thanks for your kind note!! I am so glad it helped.


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