#50 Come Follow Me Lesson 9 The Gift of Asking Matthew 6 &7




Asking the Lord for further light and knowledge is essential to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord will open the windows of Heaven and bless us with more understanding and guidance for us and our families if we simply ASK!!!



  • What does our family need to learn this week?
  • What lessons would help our family with our struggles this week? (often I am more specific)
  • What Spiritual Gift should we learn about this week?
  • Who needs to teach each lesson this week?
  • What message do you have for us this week?


I often have more questions than this or am more specific but I hope this will help you get started if you are not ASKING already 🙂


Some of the GIFTS in Matthew 6 & 7

Play a game with your family and see how many gifts they can find 🙂



1-5 & 16-18Gifts of Humility or Meekness

6-11 Gift of Prayer

10 – Gift of Hope

12 & 14-15 Gift of Forgiveness

13 Gift of Protection & The Gift of Seeking that which is Righteous & The Gift of Discernment

19-21 & 33 The Gift of Seeking that which is Righteous

22-23 Gift of Light

24 Gift of Obedience

25-34 Gift of Faith & Gift of Hope



1-5 Gift of Charity

6 Gift of Reverence

7-11 Gift of Asking

12 Gift of Kindness

13-14 Gift of Obedience

15-20 Gift of Discernment

21-23 Gift of a Pure Heart

24-28 Gift of Obedience






It is okay to have question


First Vision



AMAZING talk about why its good to ASK questions (one of my favs)


Another Favorite – Why not Ask? (this is great for spiritual gifts but also in general – WHY NOT ASK?)


Great talk about Acquiring Knowledge


Great Talk about Asking with Faith


How to understand Answers


It is okay to Ask




This book is AWESOME, all of Wendy Nelson’s books are great! This one will help you start to think about the importance of ASKING questions.

“Questions are powerful agents of change. Do you want better relationships? Ask better questions. Do you want a great life? Learn to ask great questions. The questions we ask ourselves and others can significantly influence the kind of lives we create. They can motivate or they can demoralize. They can increase our ability to solve problems or they can make situations worse.”



Art – Peace Be Still
By Michael Dudash

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