Seeking Spiritual Gifts during General Conference

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Did you know Spiritual Gifts and General Conference go great together?

Well they do!

Here are a few ways I have learned about Spiritual Gifts in the past during General Conference.

  • Look over the list of Spiritual Gifts (linked below 🙂  )  and ponder which ones might benefit you at this time.  I am often told before hand which Spiritual Gift to look for during conference.  This usually amazes me! I will be told one or two to look for and then during conference I will notice all the times it comes up and write it down.  Doing it this way is so helpful. By the end of conference I have so much information on the Spiritual gift I am meant to ask for, seek and build.  I make sure to include which talk the ideas and notes were in.  I have even had times in the past where a whole talk or two was given on the gift I felt impressed to look for. I love that!!  But either way these notes have become a personal treasure of  personal revelation.
  • Often I will even notice the gift in one of the speakers. This is so neat. Seeing gifts in others teaches me so much about the gift. After I will go and find a biography about the person I saw the gift in and/ or study several of their talks to notice this gift in them even more.  This has truly been a blessing.  One example is Elder Holland has the gift of Compassion. His talks on compassion have taught me so much about this gift! His words and his heart are full of compassion. Don’t you just love our apostles and Prophet!!!
  • One thing I learned is not just to listen for when they say “gift”. I always smile when they do! It can be nice when they spell it out and call it a spiritual gift. But more often they do not. Pray to have ears to hear. They talk about Spiritual Gifts ALL THE TIME without calling them gifts. This is one reason it can be helpful to know before hand. then you can know what to listen for!
  • Sometimes I will know I am meant to look for a new gift during General Conference. This is also amazing!! I love how such specific and personal revelation can be given. There are so many gifts. Remember Elder Bruce R. McConkie said – “Spiritual gifts are endless in number and infinite in variety.” The list of gifts linked below is supposed to be a starting point.  I highly recommend making YOUR OWN LIST and keep it in your Patriarchal Blessing Journal/Notebook.  If you don’t have one of those yet Conference is a great week to start one 🙂
  • Other times while listening to a conference talk the Spirit will have a gift stand out to me that was not on my list going in to conference. This often means it is another gift I need at this time. Usually it is a gift I didn’t want to ask for so I skipped it on my list. Once it was the gift of a forgiving heart. I already felt I was very forgiving but the Lord knew I still had a grudge in my heart I hadn’t let go of. Oh how humbling yet beautiful.
  • The Spirit has also prompted me to learn more about a Spiritual Gift during General Conference. Sometimes it is a gift I either know I have or is listed in my blessing. General Conference is a wonderful way to learn more about the gifts the Lord has already blessed you with.

Remember our dear prophet President Nelson said: “My dear sisters, you have spiritual gifts and propensities. … I urge you, with all the hope of my heart, to pray to understand your spiritual gifts—to cultivate, use, and expand them, even more than you ever have. You will change the world as you do.” Conference is a GREAT time to follow this guidance!

List of Spiritual Gifts can be found here

Tips on creating an amazing Patriarchal Blessing Notebook here (when you start one revelation upon revelation will fill your heart and notebook 🙂


Have a wonderful General Conference weekend full of the Spirit of the Lord and His LIGHT!!!

Love you all!!



How do you seek Spiritual Gifts during Conference? Please share your tips below!! 

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