#54 The Gift of Hope


Easter is a beautiful time to study the gift of hope!  The atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ are where we find true hope! Jesus Christ is the Hope of the world. As we draw closer to Christ we are filled with His hope even in the darkest of times.













One thought on “#54 The Gift of Hope

  1. Hi Page, I and my best friends have been frequently discussing gaining spiritual gifts. For Christmas Eve, my family is taking out of a white stocking, papers with gifts written we are seeking. Thank you for this podcast. I’ve been working my way from the beginning of your podcast slowly, but catch ones on the end too, somewhat.
    You mentioned, I thought in one of the latter posts, about a book your family read in homeschooling, about hope, I thought. If this rings a bell, please mention it, as I’d like to get it for Christmas for my 15 year old, very smart daughter. She can read incredibley fast. I homeschooled her through 7th grade, but was guided she’d become stronger in school. She’s working to keep using the gift of faith she’s always had, but definitely seemingly leans or sympathizes to worldly teachings now. I have a really limited budget but might buy her the book you recommended a while back about temple symbols because she is deep like that, but maybe this book about hope is what she needs, or, hearing a little about her, another book she might be blessed by, you might recommend? We open a book gift on Christmas Eve. She can easily read a book a day but hasn’t been reading apart from school assignments for forever. With the church’s goals, she’s made a goal to be led by the spirit to read a book a week. I don’t know how to keep up with her quick mind with the right books to nurture her soul and fight the intellectual deluge she’s in with school, her own 14-15 year preclivities towards fact based conclusions in that searching time, (but her faith does remain strong under it all, I think. ) War and Peace used to be her favorite book. You being such an avid reader, (at this point she hates self help books,) I thought maybe you have a recommendation by way of a booklist or cheaper access to top quality best books, modern too, not just classic, as well as if you can recall what book your family read about hope, and or, another special book recommendation I can get her for Christmas, if the spirit gives you an idea. She has read Saints. I know you are busy with writing your book, and Christmas and homeschooling. Thank you for thinking about it, Page.


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