I never knew this would help me draw closer to Christ than anything else!!

christ friend



This past year has truly been amazing and soul changing. I never knew I could grow this close to Christ or that my testimony could get that much stronger. Doing this has changed me for the better! I pray it has and will continue to change you also.


Book to read the Scriptures!!!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “I never knew this would help me draw closer to Christ than anything else!!

  1. Hi Page, congratulations on your little baby! Words about Christ, leading us to Christ, and describing Him, are so powerful. Thank you! And thanks for teaching to strive toward order and habits, but be ready to follow the spirit above that plan. Could you please do a podcast about “planning” and executing, flexibly, a beautiful summer with memory making, loving and serving one another, obeying. (Mine aren’t very good at that.) Enough scheduling to help curb fighting, and to continue learning, but enough freedom to have rest, quiet moments, exploring, playing, imagination. I’m trying to find really special books for the children to read, and read-aloud for them. Maybe you already gave shared resources on this, but this is what is in my heart to prepare and create for.


    1. Sorry Page for such a specific request. Been gleaning from many principles you have shared. After a hard and horrible rash, we’re off to a good start, sorta adding little by little, and I won’t say gummy bears don’t help incentivize at all.


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