Tips for Studying the Book of Mormon Come Follow Me 2020


In this podcast I share the lessons I have learned the few times we have read the Book of Mormon as a family and how ours became unforgettable.   Love you all!!!

Additional Resources 

President Eyring shared

Some years ago, my son Matthew came home from a seminary council meeting and said, “Dad, I want you to carve something.” He gave me the text. The plaque I carved says, “The Book of Mormon will change your life.”

My message to you is simple: What was written on that plaque is true. Did you notice the words of the quotation? It does not say the teaching or the study of the book will change your life. It says, “The Book of Mormon will change your life.” I would like to explain why I know that is true: The book itself is the most wonderful curriculum we have—not only from the point of view of the student, but from the point of view of the teacher.

There are four things I try to do when I teach the scriptures: read, prove, prepare, and testify.” 


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