About Me

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First and foremost, I am a daughter of God. Remembering this role helps me maintain a spiritual and temporal balance. I am a wife to the love of my life and a Mother of light to five wonderful children who have taught me what it means to love like Christ.

I have loved helping people heal since my youth. I first started this healing role at a rape recovery clinic in High School. There I listened to victims at the hospital during their rape exams and provided counseling over the phone to the victims. This is where I first learned the deep pains of the human soul; that physical scars and pains are often much easier to heal than the emotional pain. Then in college I was trained to help women at a domestic violence shelter. There I learned how to help women turn their lives around, get back on their feet and rebuild their self-confidence. After marrying and having children, I missed helping women; I decided to gain more education on how best to help Mothers with every-day struggles. For additional preparation, I received Life Coaching training, Parenting Instructor training and Meditation Instructor training. After the completion of my training, I began working with individuals one- on- one to assist in trying to help them find their path to healing, sorting out personal struggles they were struggling with and realigned them with their full potential. After working one- on- one for a few years, I was provided with opportunities to speak at firesides on how Mothers can let go of anger, develop spiritual gifts and gain spiritual power in their lives.

In no way do I have all the answers or live a perfect life. There has only been one perfect person and it is He who I try to live my life like. I am FAR from perfect!!  However, through the years I have learned many tools and techniques from the Spirit, personal experiences, the scriptures, conference talks, countless books (you will see when I list them each week, I LOVE to read), and hundreds of hours of trainings. These tools and techniques have helped me, and hundreds of others, live better lives and draw closer to Christ. These are the things I hope to share with you in my weekly podcasts as we together become Moms of Light. I hope you will join me.

Your Friend Paige